Unveil the Secrets of our 3rd Box.

Unveil the Secrets of our 3rd Box.

We have received a few very nice comments from our subscribers about our boxes.

We have mailed box number 3 on June 17th. Feel free to share your opinions with us here, or at the Forum we created at Global Trade View just for you!

The forum:

The products that were featured in our June Box:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Malagueta peppers – Devotion – Origin: Portugal
Organic Pomegranate Tea – English Tea Shop – Origin: Sri Lanka
Brazilian Coffee – Lehigh Coffee – 12 oz Whole Bean bag – Origin: Brazil
80% Serra do Conduru Dark Chocolate – Nugali Chocolate – Origin: Brazil
Marzipan – Dark Chocolate with Crushed Almonds Nugali Chocolate – Origin: Brazil
Banana Dessert – Bazzar – Origin: Brazil
Milk Chocolate Cat Tongue – Nugali Chocolate – Origin: Brazil